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 Digital Transformation

Using structured data to optimise processes

Put your Healthcare and Operational Data to Work

Premium healthcare relies on efficient diagnostics investigations within a clinical decision-making framework. This requires an interconnected referral system and streamlined workflow.

End-to-end adaptive data exchange cycles are arranged by internal controls and procedures, which adjusts behaviour and measures results to better than what was before an adaptation.

PathCloud's services enable you to plan, interconnect, evaluate and adjust your referral and data exchange options to optimise your healthcare businesses value chain.


Harmonise your Diagnostics workflow
PathCloud is a software platform designed as a “virtual ward” to provide a faster diagnosis of health conditions

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  • Expedite test interpretation: Diagnostics interpretation AI can be plugged into the workflow.

  • Speed up delivery: the fastest diagnostics test batch delivery time can be identified.

  • Reduce costs: diagnostics delivery service costs can be measured and compared.

  • AI performance checks: To measure the performance of the diagnostics AI algorithms. KPI checks can be integrated into the workflow.

  • One login: a clinician located anywhere can select the most suitable diagnostics test or scan for the patient.

  • Multi-provider: Clinicians can use any connected lab/imaging provider to deliver the test. Any lab or imaging provider anywhere can be connected and geo-referenced on the platform.

  • Centrally accessed results: Results will be immediately accessible and centrally accessed.

  • Share results: Results can be immediately shared - patient referenced clinical workgroups can be created.

  • Expedite test selection: Diagnostics selection AI can be plugged into the workflow.

Seamless, Connected, and Secure

We offer solutions that will fit your budget, aimed at improving your workflow efficiencies and patient engagement - leverage value from data to grow your healthcare business and manage risk




Fully Compliant

With experience leveraged from developing systems for some of the largest and most complex value chains, our goal is to deliver solutions that will grow with your healthcare business.

Configurable software modules

Our workflow software modules are configurable to complement the way practitioners work. Connect with all their required and new diagnostics services and data to control and view the patient’s entire care process, rather than by each activity of care.

PathCloud leverages your existing systems to provide a patient-centric view of your clinical workflows — from a single interface.


Designed to integrate with your existing systems and synchronise clinical clinical workflows with 3rd party diagnostics suppliers, and national diagnostics networks.

A real time exchange data from your EPR or existing systems with FHIR, HL7, MDM, PDF and  APIs.


Discover, Standardise, Optimise, Innovate

Delivering solutions to your business:

  1. Discover - Value assessments, Proof of value

  2. Standardise - Use data to View, Measure and Transition

  3. Optimise - Improve results, Point solutions

  4. Innovate - Intelligence, Automation

Because our services harmonise with your business, our approach is to use data to quantify and understand your realities and work with you to optimise, innovate and transition to that desired state.