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PathCloud is more than an e-procurement platform easily connecting you to your pathology services. We are a community that networks the best independent and quality-led diagnostic services together to simplify the diganostic pathways.

PathCloud's Extensive Range of Pathology Services

Order your existing services on PathCloud, as well connecting to the full range of national routine, comprehensive and innovative pathology services.


  • Benefit from our National phlebotomy network - Have extraction performed at the patient’s home, work or other convenient location

  • Transparent pricing and fast turnaround time for urgent cases

  • Highly flexible ordering features to suit your patient’s unique ordering requirements


PathCloud offers you the full spectrum of quality routine tests from full blood counts to liver function tests and tumour markers supplied by the biggest laboratories in the country and major hospital in-house services.


You also access a comprehensive range of pathology services in every major speciality inclusive of cellular, molecular and genetic investigation: biochemistry; haematology; histopathology and cytology; immunology, serology and virology; microbiology and much more.


Connect with industry leading and diverse services, which includes:

  • Individual tests

  • Profiles of Tests created by expertise and years of clinical experience

  • Panels combining numerous biomarkers into a consolidated actionable report, such as:

    • ALEX Panel – 282 allergen components + Total IgE - Panel assesses IgE of 282 Allergen Components - 156 extracts and 126 molecules + IgE Total. Utilises a CCD inhibitor to increase specificity of the test. ALEX is the first to eliminate false positive from vegetable allergens. This innovative test further benefits from new technology providing quick and the most cost-effective solution to high volume component testing.

    • Food Intolerance Profiles – intolerance testing: 22, 44, 88 or 268 IgG4 components tested.

    • Liquid Based Cytology + immunohistochemical staining P16/Ki67 (Sure Path) + DNA detection of high-pathogenic types of HPV virus (HPV-HR) by Real Time-PCR.


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Routine Blood Tests

Specialist and Next-Generation Tests

Clinicial Chemistry (Biochemistry)



Tumour Markers

Clinicial Haematology

Genetic Testing


Immunohaematology & Transfusion Medicine

Immunology, Serology & Virology

Allergy Testing and Profiles



Reproductive Immunology


Bacterial, Viral and Tropical Infections

Sexual Health Testing and Screening



Many others…


Profiles (AKA Test panels) are typically composed of individual Laboratory tests which are related in some way: by the medical condition they are intended to help diagnose, by the specimen type, by the tests most frequently requested by users, by the methodology employed in the test, or by the types of components included.

All general & specific profiles

Allergy Profiles

Nutritional Profiles

Pre/Post Travel Profiles

Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening and Profiles

Tumour Profiles

Rheumatology Profiles

Toxicology Profiles

Nutritional Health Profiles

Health Assessments

Many others…

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