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The fastest way to streamline your diagnostics workflow towards value care

Diagnostics Workflow and Interoperability Towards  Value Care


Shared patient results via controlled consent


One order process for all providers



Up to 1 HOUR saved per Patient Journey

PathCloud's innovative service has been designed by clinicians for clinicians to offer the first platform to securely aggregate all of your provider's services in the one place. PathCloud's e-procurement process is unbelievably fast, where you can follow the same simple process to order diagnostics in under a 1 minute with any independent provider in the country. 

We understand you and your staff are busy, so PathCloud smart system supports the delivery logistics, extraction services, and tracks the estimated report delivery on your behalf. Freeing you up to focus on your patients, knowing that you'll be alerted the second the report is ready to review.

A large amount of time is lost in tracking down results from different labs and providers, and managing different formats for those results (Eg: CD's, postal, paper, email, patient brings it, etc.). One of the features, that clinicians love about PathCloud, is that we deliver your results straight to your account maximising that amount of time for you to review and prepare for your patient's next visit.

PathCloud provides a collaborative diagnostics workflow, whereby your medical staff can also be granted access to the patient history and can be alerted to required actions alongside of you. You will also be able to easily refer your patients to other clinicians along with the patient history, allowing you and your peers to delivery superior service to your patients.

One of the exciting additions to PathCloud's service in our inbuilt Vendor Neutral Medical Imaging viewer. It can consolidate the wide range of formats at the highest of quality to simplify how you can receive and view images. Learn more here

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Clinician registers and  diagnostics providers are configured

Your diagnostics workflow is configured for quick referrals

Secure and seamless access to diagnostics reports and images

Share and communicate with other clinicians, specialists and patients

Which Clinicians Can use PathCloud?

Any privately practising Clinician who orders or supports the ordering of diagnostics for Patients. This includes pathology, imaging and genetics tests. PathCloud is a simple and secure cloud service you can log into from any location in the world to order and oversee your diagnostics workflow.

Why Start Using PathCloud?

Manage all your diagnostics through one interface

Streamline your workflow

✓ Reduce duplication

 Easily Share and Receive Patient Referrals

 Collaborative tools

Connect to a global clinical community

 Access to new diagnostics innovations

Save up to an hour per patient Journey


5 Star Customer Service

In addition to offering you award winning cloud procurement technology, our mission is to make your lives easier and ensure our helpful team is there for you when you need us.

Jackie T 

Midwife, Maternity Cloud

Thank you so very much for all you’ve done to improve my maternity care of my clients. The service I’ve received  from Path Cloud has been truly outstanding and exceptional and I certainly will not hesitate in using your brilliant service for my clients in every instance thank you so very much"

Dr Nick Plowman

Senior Clinical Oncologist to St Bartholomew’s Hospital and The Hospital for Sick Children.

“PathCloud seeks to resource the best facilities in an extremely efficient manner and I believe it will transform the current competitive field of clinical diagnostics and genomic testing"

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