Bringing your diagnostics world together

PathCloud integrates a real-time diagnostics and data sharing community by networking all your required data sources into our Diagnostics Exchange Gateway (DEG) and Patient Record Exchange Gateway (PREG), enabling all of your data to be referenced from a single source.

Diagnostics Exchange Gateway:

This service connects all your diagnostics providers (imaging and pathology), internally and sub-contracted. The Diagnostics Exchange Gateway (DEG) receives a message in any HL7/FHIR/API version, maps industry codes and references and transfer it to the version and format required by the relevant LIM, PACS or POC system, automates communication between multiple systems. This service acts as a clearing house between all of your disparate diagnostics systems. PathCloud’s DEG has been bench tested to handle more than 2,000 diagnostics requests per minute, and can scale to increased volumes.

Patient Record Exchange Gateway:

The Patient Record Exchange Gateway enables all your EPR’s to be consolidated into one patient record. This service connects all your EPR systems, internally and sub-contracted and merges all disparate patient records into one. The system receives a patients record in any HL7/FHIR/API version, references alternative records for the same patient, and merges them into one record. The software generates exceptions for manual intervention and has a machine learning capability.

Leverage existing systems to enable interoperability:

Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Health Information systems, to enable the consolidation of data and enable streamlined clinical workflows for efficiency and growth.

Easily exchange data from your Electronic Patient Records or existing systems with FHIR, HL7, MDM, PDF, and APIs.

PathCloud's diagnostics library hosts diagnostics service lines within all categories of diagnostics (imaging, pathology and genetics), and maps reference codes and nomenclature to these service lines.

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