Enable your practitioners to seamlessly refer and request information from a single access point, wherever you and your patient might be. Enabling collaboration, complete visibility and control across your business.

Diagnostics Workflow Modules


Payment Portal / Insurer Diagnostics Payment Integration:

Enables you to charge your private clients through a secure payment gateway and auto synchronise your payments with the patient's relevant insurer through Healthcode’s VEDA system. A similar system will be available for public service recons and payments.

Practice Diagnostics Portal

The service allows all your consultants a single point of interface to request, receive and share any diagnostics test or images across your or any 3rd party organisation. There are numerous features to reduce time and efforts, like patient location selection, scheduling, batching and machine learning to enable auto-selection of diagnostics services. Security controls enable multi-tiered access and functionality across your enterprise.

MDT Diagnostics Service Portal

This service allows consultants to build an MDT session around the patient’s diagnostics reports, images and record, simply by selection of the patient and the MDT attendees, all the prequalified attendees will immediately have access to the information and each others' comments and notes.

Sub-contracted Diagnostics Services:

This service enables your group to deliver all diagnostics services available to your clients and expand your diagnostics geographical footprint, by partnering with National Phlebotomy and Nursing networks and 3rd party diagnostics providers, interfacing through PathCloud’s DEG (integrating workflow) and sub-contracting and/or “white labelling” their services for your clients.


Software Modules

Image Management System:

PathCloud has an integrated IMS system enabling all of your imaging / Radiology services, practitioners, radiologists, MDT’s, and patients to share, annotate and generate reports.

Diagnostics Service Portal:

This service enables Labs without LIMS to leverage PathCloud’s diagnostics portal to receive orders and upload results/images.

Remote Video Consultations:

If you don’t already have a video consulting “waiting room”, PathCloud has partnered with Attend Anywhere, to deliver a light uncluttered approach to remote patient consultations, and with immediate access to all of your patient records and remote diagnostics requests, the combination of services can strongly impact your businesses revenues by taking it beyond your four walls.



1. Clinician orders tests from any preferred lab or imaging provider

Clinician e-orders tests from his PCL portal, which LIM converts to the required HL7 standard, validates, and electronically and securely routes to the requested lab(s) and imaging centre(s).

2. Orders routed to respective labs or imaging centres

Orders are routed to respective labs or imaging centres based on the clinician preference. Results returned from labs or imaging centres are immediately accessible by the clinician.

3. Clinician reviews results

Standardized tests results are available in the clinician user portal..

4. Clinician shares results with team

For improved patient care, clinician can securely forward lab results to other providers. Results can also be made available for patients through the patient portal.